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The snowballing of COVID-19 created a devastating impact on the world as we knew it, and in the blink of an eye, we all had to find ways to adapt to this change and discover what this 'new normal' entailed. Coronavirus has had it's toll on us all, no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, religion - it was indiscriminate. Yet, with this new year upon us, it is important to look back on 2020 in not a completely negative light, as I'm sure we can seek some other positives other than a COVID-19 test! Having looked back on the past year myself, I discovered that my family and friends are so dear to me, and I am extremely fortunate to have them supporting me, even over a Zoom call! I also discovered that movies are bloomin' amazing. Watching movies allows us to escape from the crazy times we are living in, and enter into this new world. I have always been a movie fanatic, but this past year allowed me to truly appreciate just how remarkable films or TV shows are, which is why, this 2021, I have decided to start this movie blog, and I would love for others who share my passion for film and TV to join me in this new and exciting project!

What are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

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